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Shanghai Chengxiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional and reliable supplier of tablet press machines, punch & dies, mixers, granulator, pulverizer, sugar coating machine, dust collector capsule filling machine, package machine and other related machines which are used in pharmaceutical, foods, chemicals , electronics and other industries.

Today, our products are used by buyers throughout China, and many of them are exported to overseas market, such as USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Korea, Greece, Thailand, Malaysia, Denmark, Ghana, UK, Indonesia, Singapore, Slovakia, Hungary, Palestine and so on.



Reason analysis and solution of insufficient hardness of tablet compressed by tablet press

In the daily operation of the tablet press, it is inevitable that the compressed tablet is not hard enough, which is a very distressing thing....

Small knowledge of tablet press
Tablet presses are mainly used for tablet process research in the pharmaceutical industry. The tablet press is an automatic continuous production equipment for compressing the granules into round, spec...
The working principle of the tablet press
1.The basic parts of the tablet press Punch and die: Punch and die are the basic parts of the tablet press, and each pair of punches is composed of three parts: upper punch, middle die and lower punch...
Tablet Press Selection Guide
Tablet press is the core key equipment in the production process of solid preparations, so it is very important to choose a suitable tablet press. A tablet press is an important investment. It is a was...